April 1, 2012

The glass is (almost!) half full

Many great thanks and much gratitude to everyone that has helped out so far.

I’m sure most of you thoroughly enjoy the comforts and aids that our technology brings us. I definitely do! It is fantastic to have the ability to connect with most people I know in just a matter of minutes; to have the largest library of knowledge humanity has ever known, and be able to carry it in my backpack! Not to mention traveling anywhere in the world within a day or two.

So don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against modern technology, I’ve just realized the importance of being aware of certain “side effects” this lifestyle can have on us. One side effect is that we are becoming dependent on these modern conveniences without retaining our traditional methods of sustenance.

This is where Philip and I come in. We hope to add a bridge between the traditional knowledge of homesteading and our modern world. Our project is the first step. The next step (and what I see as my own direction in life), is to help people understand why this old wisdom is so important in our lives. I truly believe we would live much healthier (mental and physical) lives if we each provided even a bit of our own sustenance. Help us get through this first step.

If 200 people each pledge only 12 dollars, we would reach our goal! That may sound like a lot of people, but if only 25 of you take a few minutes to send a personal email to only 10 friends, that's 250 new potential backers. And some might even pledge more than $12!

Below are some images from a photo essay I did a few years ago, titled: “Processing a Pig”

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