November 17, 2011

A Renaissance of Botanical Proportions

Alright, here it is.

I am ready to push this blog through a revamp--it's time to wind back up.

You may notice several changes in the coming days and weeks, but don't be alarmed...

I will expand this blog to include (in no particular order):

  1. Open-source Natural History--WHAT!?
  2. Ecological awareness and its role in our society (Nope, not green energy or permaculture)
  3. Topics in plants, ecology, and natural history, including discussions about the latest research
  4. Reviews about interesting books or articles relevant to plants, ecology, and natural history
  5. Stories and personal anecdotes from...       ...the wilderness...
  6. Continuation of experiences learning about, identifying, and using plants
  7. More about my research interests

That's about it for now.

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