April 16, 2011

Plant Identification

Hypericum spp. (Photo: Matt Dickinson)
       I have been trying to focus on finishing the identification of the pressed plant collection from Little Duck Island. Jordan Chalfant (another student) and Matthew Dickinson have been a tremendous help with this. I have also sent out some of the more difficult specimens to local botanists such as Glen Mittelhauser, Jill Weber, Sal Rooney, and Arthur Haines. Glen, Jill, and Sal are some of the co-authors on a recent book: The Plants of Acadia National Park.
Arthur Haines is co-author on The Flora of Maine, and the author of the soon to be printed Flora Novae Angliae (Flora of New England). I am indebted to these botanists' wonderful generosity and help with identifying the LDI plants.
Streptopus lanceolatus from LDI (Photo: Matt Dickinson)

Monotropa uniflora from LDI (Photo: Matt Dickinson)