February 7, 2011

Little Duck Island, Goldenrods, and more

Check the Little Duck Island tab above. I'll be updating it shortly with more.
Also, I am working on another webpage for making a vegetative key to Goldenrods. Check the tab above for a link to that site. That should be up in the next few weeks.

I will be back soon.


  1. Hi Luka. I know you said that typically invasive spp. are not excluding natives on LDI and I was wondering; are the species assemblages on LDI and GDI identical or very similar? It would be interesting to investigate the factor(s) underlying the difference between these two systems e.g., disturbance, propagule pressure or something else. Also here is that paper I mentioned: O. Bossdorf et al. 2004 Reduced competitive ability in an invasive plant. Ecol. Let. 7(4):346-353

    Christopher Lee
    Invasion Biology and Restoration Ecology Lab
    Department of Natural Resources Science
    University of Rhode Island

  2. Hi Chris,
    That is a good point, and definitely something I'm going to be looking into. After being on both islands I can say that the vegetation looks drastically different on Great Duck Island. I haven't compared the species lists yet as I haven't finished identification of all specimens, but Great Duck did seem quite different. One of the major differences between the two islands (which I hypothesize is one of the greatest factors) is that there is a large population of European Varying Hares on Great Duck. But on Little Duck there was no evidence of any grazing mammals.

    Some exclosures have been set up on Great Duck to study the effect of removing the hares. I haven't looked at that yet, but seems like a useful study to elucidate factors.

    Thanks for the paper. I will be sure to check it out.