November 13, 2009

New Website

I have been playing around with trying to generate an adequate website for the COA Botanical Society.

Here is a link to what I have so far.

I wish I could have more free time so that I could really get good at Adobe Golive, and be able to make the website fully modifiable that way.

This is what I have for now.

November 11, 2009

Botany Club: no meeting 6...

But this is all just for the build up that will lead to The Botany Club of COA: A place for plant enthusiasts of the MDI community to gather and enjoy botany through field excursions, Friends of the Herbarium meetings, potlucks, presentations, and other meaningful botanical events.

This is the preliminary, unrefined "mission" of the BCCOA. Maybe it should be called The COA Botanical Club? Please send me any suggestions!

Do not confuse this with the current botany club that has missed the past two meetings. This will hopefully become an official organization supported by COA and external donors that will also be open to the public. I have spoken to students and some faculty who have shown great interest for this.

I am currently working on designing a website that could hopefully be linked to the COA website. Will post more updates on this soon....

November 5, 2009

Botany Club: no meeting 5... But Wait!

Unfortunately, week 7 took its toll, and most of us could not make the trip to a bog, so meeting was canceled.

However, I have been hypothesising the idea of making the club a bigger, more official organisation. What if it was open to the entire MDI community? I will organise a meeting soon with anyone interested in really getting a serious botanical organisation going. It would be great for COA in terms of increasing botanical connections with students, but also great for locals that have an interest in botany. Let me know your thoughts!