October 25, 2009

Plant Collecting Fun

I finally made some time to go plant collecting today. I was actually quite surprised by how many plants I was still able to find either in fruit or in flower. Some reading this may laugh, but it is Maine, and we have definitely had a few hardy frosts.

There is a small park accross the street from where I live. It is not a park in the traditional town-park sense. It is an open spruce/pine woodland that someone is somehow able to mow portions of. I heard rumor that some type of Drosera spp., an insectivorous plant also known as Sundew, was found in this park. I didn't believe this having always seen the park as a dry woodland. Today however, I ventured in, to my surprise finding a large acidic wetland!

Haven't found any Drosera spp. yet... kind of late in the season... I did however, collect some wetland sedges, rushes, and grasses. Look forward to keying them out... heh heh.

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